Furniture Hoisting

Moving around Los Angeles, we are frequently faced with transporting large furniture through narrow doors, small stairways or tiny elevators. In most cases disassembling the furniture can solve the problem, however, sometimes, hoisting the item through a window or balcony is the only solution. Hoisting can be very challenging and risky. We highly recommend you hire professional movers to do this work. There is a risk of damaging your furniture, house, or causing injury if you choose to do the hoist by yourself or use unqualified laborers!

Let us briefly explain the process of hoisting:

  • Thoroughly Wrap The Sofa With Furniture Pads And Shrink Wrap

    Performing a hoist can put a lot of pressure on your furniture. By properly wrapping it, we can help prevent damage, such as damage from the straps or rubbing against the wall or railing. Always use multiple pads to cover the sofa or item and good quality shrink-wrapping.

  • Find The Best Landings For The Hoist

    Look for a spot with as few obstacles as possible. It is not the best idea to hoist your sofa when it could potentially hit a window or if there is a tree in the way. The optimal spot for a hoist is through the balcony that protrudes out from the house or apartment building.

  • Use Moving-Hoisting Straps

    Place moving straps around the sofa and tie them down. Connect hoisting belts with moving straps. Keep it very tight to prevent slipping.

  • Never Place Hoisting Straps Around Your Hand

    If one of the lifters is unable to hold the couch, release the straps and let the couch go, you are not going to be able to hold the couch just by yourself. Never place straps around your hand. Just hold them tight, and make sure you can quickly release them if something happens.

  • Up, Up, and Done!

    Combine hoisting technology and power! Slow is best, small, smooth movements lift the sofa and set it in the desired place. Now it’s time to relax enjoy your favorite TV show!

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