Piano Moving Los Angeles

Pianos: A piano is unique and exquisite instrument that requires extra special care when being transported. We have provided transportation of musical instruments for several years and fully understand the complexity and responsibility of this work. Our movers are trained in how to properly handle, pack, maneuver, and load such heavy and at the same time fragile objects.

Our company offers professional transportation services of upright pianos and grand pianos.

We always provide:

  • Accuracy and care: every string, key, pedal will be properly protected.
  • Transportation of the piano to your new home, transporting it to the desired level, placement in designated room.

When transporting the piano, as a rule, there can be many obstacles such as narrow doorways, stairs and awkward corners to navigate. So before we transport the piano it must be properly and carefully packed. We use cardboard, blankets and shrink-wrap. This is a mandatory procedure to protect the piano from external scratches or damage. Our professionals will do it with the upmost care and efficiently.

For safer transportation of the piano we use special piano boards which provide extra stability. We reliably fasten the piano to the board using special, ultra-strong, moving straps.

Transportation of pianos is very demanding and can be challenging that is why we employ dedicated and trained movers, who know how to carefully and accurately handle these complex instruments.

At Town Moving, we have a flexible pricing policy. We discuss your individual situation and take a very personal and individual approach to each client’s needs. We will consider all possible options. We will look at all the delicate nuances that might affect the transportation of your piano: dimensions of the apartments, if there is an elevator, staircase, narrow doorways. Our piano movers will provide the best possible protection for your instrument during and after transportation, including any hardwood flooring, walls or doors, etc. Call Town Moving to discuss your particular needs.

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