Professional Movers Los Angeles

Always choose experienced workers for your needs! Our Town Moving crew for hire is a highly qualified, professional moving team. Our movers in Los Angeles will arrive with all the necessary equipment, tools, and packaging materials to pack and protect your belongings. We strongly advise against using street laborers.

Here is the list of our Labor Only services:

Your own truck, rental truck or pod for loading and unloading
  • You own or have hired a rental truck
  • Planning to move but you do not want to load all your belongings by yourself
  • Moved from another state and you need help to unload the truck
Moving within a house/office/apartment building
  • You need help to rearrange the furniture inside the house or office, or you are moving from one apartment to another within the same building.
  • Moved to a new place and need help to unpack your boxes. We might be able to recycle or remove used/unwanted packing supplies. Please ask our representative if this service is available!
Heavy lifting
  • Have a sofa or a refrigerator delivered to your building and need help to carry it upstairs.
Assembling / Disassembling
  • Need help to assemble or disassemble the furniture. If you need help assembling new furniture or to take something apart and bring it to the back yard or garage. We have all the necessary tools.
Driving help
  • Have to rent a truck, but have never driven one before, or you need help to load the truck and drive it to a new location (* required to add our driver as an additional driver to your policy).

In most cases it is cheaper to order our service with a truck instead of getting labor only services plus the cost of rental truck from a rental company.

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