California Moving Tips & Advice

What to do before to move?

The most important part of the move is organization.

Moving tips are here to make your next relocation a breeze.

  • Evaluate Your Belongings

    Some items could be sold; some donated! What haven’t you used within the last year?

  • Change Of Address

    Notify everyone about your move: Friends and family, utilities and related companies, post office, professionals, creditors, subscriptions, DMV, etc.

  • Moving Out Of Town?

    Contact schools, doctors, lawyers and accountants, get copies of your personal and most important records.

  • The Elevator

    If you’re moving out of or into a building with elevators, contact the building management to schedule the best time to use the elevators.

  • Reserve The Parking Space

    Contact parking enforcement at least 3 days in advance to get a parking space near your building reserved for the moving truck. Remember! Customers are responsible and must reimburse any parking tickets incurred by the moving company.

  • Refrigerator

    Defrost your freezer and refrigerator. Keep doors open so they can’t inadvertently close on children or pets.

  • Important Items

    Pack a box of personal items needed instantly at your new place. Have this box loaded last or take it in your car.

  • Unexpected Issues

    Make sure an adult is at home to answer the foreman’s questions. Feel free to ask the foreman any other questions.

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