Packing and Moving Services in Los Angeles

We’ll do all packing services for you!

Packing is one of the things you need to take care of properly before moving. When your items are properly packed, you can be sure there will be no damage to your belongings during the move. Sometimes packing can be more stressful than moving. That is why our packers are trained to pack all your possessions with care, regardless of the quantity, value, or fragility.

We have a few packing options for you:

  • Full Pre-Boxing

    If you don’t want to pack everything by yourself, our movers will identify what items require extra protection. We help you to box all your belongings such as: dishes, pots and pans, books, food, clothes, shoes, bedding, pictures, antiques, etc.

  • Full Packing

    Full pre-boxing plus furniture packing. If you have a rental truck we can help you to prepare all your belongings ready to be loaded onto the truck.

  • Some Items

    You identify your delicate items (glassware, dishes, artwork, etc). We efficiently pack them, using our most up-to-date packing materials and techniques.

  • Do It Yourself

    We can provide all packing materials. You pack everything in your own time.

  • Unpacking

    If you need some help to take everything out of the boxes. We carefully unpack all your boxes, and carefully place all the items in the spaces/rooms that you appoint.

  • Long Distance Or International Packing

    If you are moving to different state or country all your belongings, including your furniture, need to be carefully protected. Our packing experts will box all the small items up and cover all the furniture with cardboard boxes, moving pads and quality shrink-wrap to make sure everything survives the transportation intact.

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