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The Orange County in California has been portrayed in many popular TV shows and movies. It’s the home of many celebrities like Kevin Costner, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Tiger Woods. It’s the home of many Fortune 500 companies including Mazda, Mitsubishi and Toyota. The OC is also an amazing surfing spot and a quiet, comfortable place to live in. Whether you’re planning to move to the OC for business or personal reasons, Town Moving top movers in Orange County are your best option to have the moving done quickly and hassle-free.

Professional Movers at Your Service

Town Moving has a team of professional movers that will work to suit your needs best. Whether it is a commercial or residential move, they will handle your properties with care and give a friendly service from the moment they arrive to your actual location to the moment they leave you in your new Orange County place. We pride ourselves in the quality of the materials we use for the moving, our expertise and the variety or services we provide.

With Town Moving’s movers you can get:

  • Packing Services: you can opt to have extra protection for all of your items or just some of them that you specify (for example, delicate items like glassware or artwork). You can also pack them yourself and we will provide all the necessary materials. 
  • Basic Services: Loading, transportation and unloading. Our movers will carefully load and unload your possessions in the rooms your appoint at your new Orange County location. They can also assemble furniture like beds, bookshelves and others. Protection for wood flooring and carpet by request. Your items will be moved using insured vehicles that are driven by experts.
  • Storage: if you can’t do the moving right away but you’re planning to do it, this is a great option for you. Call us to check availability.
  • Third-party services: upon request, we can provide you with appliance connection/disconnection and cleaning services.
  • Unpacking: we can remove all items from their boxes and place them wherever you wish to have them. We can also provide you with boxes and other packing materials.
Movers in Orange County

Aside of these services, Town Moving can also supply you with:

  • Labor-only: our team members can help you if you decide to use your own truck or rental, or if the moving needs to be done within the same home or office. They can aid unpacking, lifting heavy items, assembling / disassembling furniture or driving your rental truck.
  • Piano moving: Our movers have the training to properly handle, pack, maneuver, and load pianos. They will use special piano boards for extra stability and safety during the moving.
  • Furniture hoisting:  if your new home or office is in an upper level of a building, we can hoist your furniture to avoid any potential damage or injuries. We combine expertise and technology for optimal results.

Contact our Expert Movers Orange County

If you’re moving to Orange County, this must be an exciting moment for you! Make it great since the very beginning and hire Town Moving movers Orange County to do the job for you. Avoid all the hassle of the move, save time and gain peace of mind knowing that your items are being handled by seasoned experts who have the tools, the materials and the transportation that are necessary to perform a truly professional move.

Get a quote at Town Moving website or calling (323) 553-4034. Book your moving today and enjoy your new venture in Orange County since day one!

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