Before and After: Five Things to Do Before You Move

Things to Do Before You MoveWhen making a big move, trying to remember everything can be a hassle. Your best bet is to make a list of everything you need to do before and after the move. Even with a list, it can sometimes be tough to think of it all. Since we handle moves every day, we’ve seen it all, and have put together a list of five vital things to do before your move.

Transfer or Cancel Recurring Charges

Even in the madness of the move, you should take a few moments to write down all of your recurring charges. This may be a gym membership, prescription, rent, car insurance, and utilities like cable and internet, gas and electric. Some charges may have to be changed at the last minute, but many businesses offer services where you can choose a future cancellation date, allowing you to take care of this task in advance.

Change Your Address

When you are sitting down to make your list of recurring charges, you should also make a list of all the places you need to change your address. Some of the major ones to keep in mind include your bank, credit cards, U.S. Postal Service, online shopping accounts, cellphone plans, magazine subscriptions and insurance. It is best to make these changes one to two weeks before your move so that everything starts arriving at your new residence seamlessly.

Choose Where to Put Your Furniture

It’s a pretty terrible feeling to see your movers drive away and then decide you want your giant TV or extra-large dresser in a different room. Before moving day, make a mental or physical map of where you would like each piece of furniture to be placed in your new home. Go the extra mile and make it even easier for you movers by tagging each piece of furniture with its proper room so that your unloading process can be finished fast.

Make a List of Last Minute Details

There will be a lot of “little” things you need to do the day of or the day before your move. This includes defrosting the refrigerator, unplugging all appliances, stripping sheets from the beds, shutting off the water and packing plants, toiletries and any other last-minute items. Most people also often disconnect electronics at the last minute, and you can make reconnecting easier by taking pictures of the back of your electronics to remember which cord goes where. With a final to-do list in hand, you will be prepared to handle all these tasks even during the stress of the moment.

Pack a “Go-To” Box

Once you arrive to your new home, you will have boxes upon boxes to unpack. Instead of sifting through every box to find that very specific item you are looking for, pack a box or bag that you will take in the car with you that contains all your “must-have” items. Although what is absolutely necessary is different for everyone, some of these items might include medications, important paperwork, a change of clothes, a first aid kit or perhaps even your coffee maker.

With your lists in hand and pre-moving to-dos completed, all you need is some great movers to make your day easy. Town Moving is here to help destress your move with full service moving options at affordable prices. Call us today at (323) 553-4034 to learn more today, and don’t forget to check back next week to see our list of five things you need to do after your move!

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