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Moving from LA to SF? DIY or Use a Moving Company

moving from LA to SF

Moving is a big job, especially if you’re moving from LA to SF. There’s a considerable distance to cover so you don’t want to make back and forth trips or have to worry that you forgot something important. If you’re planning such a move, you’re probably wondering if it’s better to do it yourself or… Read more »

What to Expect When Moving From a SF to LA

when moving from SF to LA

Moving to a big city like Los Angeles can be exciting and daunting especially when moving from SF to LA. LA can be a great place for personal and professional growth and many opportunities to make new friends, try new activities and hobbies. It’s a center for cultural entertainment, music, art and many other subjects. Day… Read more »

Moving Tips For Your Los Angeles Apartment

Los Angeles Moving Company

No matter if you are moving a tiny apartment or a large one or if you’re moving from SF to LA there is so much to plan for when moving and frankly, it can be overwhelming! It’s stressful to decide what’s going with your from your old location to your new. It’s difficult to know… Read more »

Moving to Los Angeles?

moving into Los Angeles

No matter if you are moving into Los Angeles or out of this big city you should be prepared for what to expect. If you are new to the area it may be best to hire a moving company to help with unloading any of your larger furniture pieces upon arrival. This can assure that… Read more »

Six Best Places to Live in California

Moving To San Francisco

California is the country’s most populated state for a reason. With beautiful weather, a wide variety of terrain and a wide diversity of lifestyles, California has a lot to offer its residents. At Town Moving, we help people make long moves all across the Golden State. We’ve been to cities and towns all throughout the… Read more »

Preparing for a Long-Distance Move

San Fran to LA Move

You’ve finally landed that new job – the one that will make your career. The only problem is its in Los Angeles and you live in San Francisco. As you can guess, moving long distances can be tricky and presents its own set of unique challenges beyond what switching apartments in the same town entails…. Read more »