Moving to Los Angeles?

No matter if you are moving into Los Angeles or out of this big city you should be prepared for what to expect. If you are new to the area it may be best to hire a moving company to help with unloading any of your larger furniture pieces upon arrival. This can assure that your tables, couches and other large pieces don’t get a drop, scrapped or broken. If you are moving into Los Angeles and are not familiar with the area that you are relocating, it may be in your best interest to do a little research before you go. Finding out information like where the nearest hospital is, where your local bank is located and which place is best to grab a bite to eat can save you time at the moment. It will also help when you pull your Uhaul up to your new place. You’ll want to know where the best parking is. This can be especially important if your new city has narrow roads. Do you live on a one-way road or are there one-way streets leading up to it? Having the information on how to navigate your moving truck can make things much easier on the day of arrival.

moving into Los Angeles

It would also be a great idea to understand when the best time to move in out be. When making a move to a larger city you will want to take into account the rush hour traffic times. You won’t want to move in during a time where you will end up in a standstill of local work commuters. Pick a time (maybe mid-day?) and a day (avoid busy travel days like Saturday) that will be most convenient for moving. You can also check with your landlord, property or building manager to get advice on when it would be best to make the trek. It’s quite possible that they will have a list of days or hours that have worked for current and previous tenants. When checking in with your manager or landlord you should also inquire about elevator use, loading and unloading docks and whether or not your manager would require a CDI (Certificate of Insurance) from any moving company you might hire.

Lastly, you’ll want to know what kind of equipment you should need. If you are packing up a Uhaul all by yourself and hiring a moving company to unload, you may want to purchase extra blankets to buffer furniture. If you have a moving company in mind for the entire process they should be equipped with padding blankets, dollies and appropriate means of strapping down furniture to ensure safe travels to your new location. Moving isn’t always an easy job, the most stuff you have the hard it becomes to pack up and pick up your home to relocate. Make it less stressful on yourself by being as prepared as possible before you hand over the keys. If you would like to inquire about Town Moving services contact us today at (323) 600-5786 or enter your information to receive a quote.

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