All you Need to Know when you're moving to L from SF

Moving to a big city like Los Angeles can be exciting and daunting especially when moving from SF to LA. LA can be a great place for personal and professional growth and many opportunities to make new friends, try new activities and hobbies. It’s a center for cultural entertainment, music, art and many other subjects. Day or night you’ll always have something fun to do when you move to LA. However, if you are nervous about your move and want a few tips before you set out, we have you covered!

Do Research!

You’re moving to a big city and if you haven’t spent much time in LA you should at least do a little leg work . Find out where your house is compared to the local hospitals and emergency care centers. Find a few spots that are best reviewed and offer your favorite foods. Get familiar with your new neighborhood.

when moving from SF to LA

Move Your Essentials

When you are making a move to a larger city you want to make things easier on yourself. Pack your essentials to ensure they make it to your new place. When you find yourself moving a larger city you might also find that you are moving into a smaller apartment or home. If this is the case you’ll want to go through your belongings and find which are primary in your everyday existence and which can be donated or thrown away. Having less can ensure that you still have room to move around your new place after you move in.

Have a Budget!

Moving to a big city like LA means that you are paying the big city prices. Food, transportation, housing, services and really anything and everything is most expensive when you move into a city. Be prepared to pay more for things that may not have cost you much in the past. Remember that while you may be paying more, you’re getting more in terms of a huge city with a lot to offer.

Consider Public Transport

If you have a car and want to travel around in LA, that’s up to you. However you can save a lot on registration, maintenance, insurance, and gas by selling your vehicle and using public transport. Avoiding road rage and car issues might be worth the trade of long public commutes. It’s also better for the environment to have fewer cars on the road.


Take time to explore!

When moving to a new city, it’s always better to have an idea about where things are. If you haven’t spent a lot of time in LA and have weekends free, you should explore! Learn where you favorite new eateries are located, try out a few morning gym classes. Find things that will be your new hangout/hobbies in your new city. You might even meet new friends which can be another hurdle to overcome when you move.

If you are still planning your move, don’t forget to call a moving company. Long or short distance Town Moving can get you belongs safely to your new LA residence. Give us a call today to learn more: (323) 553-4034

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