Preparing for a Long-Distance Move

You’ve finally landed that new job – the one that will make your career. The only problem is its in Los Angeles and you live in San Francisco. As you can guess, moving long distances can be tricky and presents its own set of unique challenges beyond what switching apartments in the same town entails.

Movers Los AngelesBefore you call Town Moving – experts at moves from San Fran to LA, or anywhere else in the state – check out these tips to prepare for your long-distance move before you’re on some lonely highway far from home thinking about all the things you wished you had done.

It’s a Full-Time Job

A long-distance move takes a lot of work, between making sure everything is packed to handling the logistical details to tying up all your loose ends in one town and getting everything set up in another. It’s a lot more complicated than just filling your trunk, so mentally prepare yourself for something that will take between 30 and 120 days when all is said and done.

Hire a Long-Distance Mover

If you are one person with few possessions, you may be able to do a move by yourself, but otherwise you should definitely look into hiring an experienced mover. If you are moving a family – or even just you and your spouse – it is wise to hire professionals to get the job done. You will have more possessions – likely larger items like furniture and heavy electronics – that you will want handled with care. Be smart and make it easier on yourself with experts in residential moving.

Keep Important Documents Handy

While you’re packing, separate out all of your important papers and documents. This includes those items you usually carry on you, like your ID or your pocketbook, but also birth certificates for yourself and children, important medical records and prescription records, passports, veterinary records for pets or any other vital paperwork. Keeping this in a designated place and carrying it with you while you make your trip will help speed up any records changes with DMV and the post office or prove your identity when signing up for new utilities or other needed services.

Get a Storage Unit

You want to take everything with you to your new residence, but that may not be realistic. You may need to leave some stuff in storage until a later date while you sort out the larger items in your new space. Securing a storage area near your new home gives you a convenient place to keep overflow where you can easily get to it and sort through to weed out what’s truly necessary and what can be thrown away. A lot of storage places will let you go month-to-month, so there is no need to overfill your new living space with extra clutter and boxes. Once you’ve settled in more and had the time to filter through your belongings, you can also look into donating what you don’t really need or have replaced with newer items after your move.

Long-distance moves can be exciting and stressful at the same time. With these tips, though, you should be ready to take this new adventure head-on and start the next chapter in your life. Let us give you a hand. To get more information – and a free quote – call us today at (323) 600-5786.

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