Before You Unpack, Make Sure These Areas of Your Home are Spotless!

Moving TipsIt is exciting moving into a new home and it’s only natural that many people want to unpack as quickly as possible to get back to a normal life and begin relaxing in their new residence. However, the last thing anyone wants is to move items into a dirty home. Before you start your unpacking, start with a thorough cleaning to make sure that you’re truly getting a fresh start. Here are some must-clean areas to tackle before you start to unload your belongings.

Clean Above You

If the home you are moving into hasn’t been occupied for a while, chances are there has been dust collecting all over, including the ceiling fans. Before you turn them on to cool down the room, be sure to give them a good wipe down to avoid spreading dust throughout your new home.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

A commonly forgotten aspect of a home is the bathroom exhaust. This fan can quickly build up with gunk, especially as dusty household air and moist air from the shower combines and creates a build-up of grime on the fan blades or even within the exhaust vent itself. Grab a can of compressed air and simply spray your exhaust fan with a few bursts to clear away any lint collected on it.

Clean the Floors

When looking for a home, it is more than likely you weren’t the only ones looking at it. That’s why you should vacuum or mop the floors before you start setting up any furniture. For hardwood, tiles and linoleum, the best way to do so is with a damp mop and cleaner that works well with whatever finish is on the floor. Once that’s done, you won’t have to worry about any dirt or dust, whether it’s from others who looked at the property or just from your own moving in activities.

Disinfect Areas That Are Touched

While you’re cleaning, you’re obviously going to clean areas such as the sink, the tubs, and the toilets, but what about other fixtures that are touched on a regular basis? Small areas such as light switches, door handles and thermostats can harbor a wide variety of germs, so be sure to clean these while you are doing your preliminary cleaning.

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