Expert Piano Movers in Los Angeles Protect Your Instrument

The piano in your home is more than just a piece of furniture. It is an important part of you, an expensive instrument that requires special care to keep it in its best condition. When it comes time for you to move to a new location, your piano is not something that you can just pick up and load on the truck. Special care is required so that you do not damage this delicate instrument and cost yourself thousands of dollars or destroy a family heirloom. Only one decision makes the most sense for you when you are planning a move – to get expert piano movers in Los Angeles like us at Town Moving to help move and protect your instrument.

Packing the Piano for Transportation

To make sure your piano is protected in the best manner possible, we use quality packing materials to ensure that its delicate frame, the pedals, keys, and all aspects of the piano receive attention and protection. We provide packing materials designed specifically for piano moving, such as piano boards, to help stabilize the piano and protect it during the move. We use correct strapping techniques using strong straps to provide added support. Our movers are also well-trained and experienced in piano movers, so they are sure to take the best approach when the time comes to move the piano out of your home.

piano movers in Los Angeles

Looking at All Piano Moving Options

When you hire us to be your piano movers in Los Angeles, you know you are getting reliable professionals to assist you. Our movers will look at the dimensions of the instrument carefully, examine the pathways for the move and determine what options are best to make sure the piano is safely taken out of your home and loaded onto the truck. There may be many obstacles like narrow doorways, staircases, turns in hallways, and more, but our experts will consider everything and make the best decisions possible. This approach, when combined with the extra care we take in packing and protecting your piano, help us move the item successfully without any damage.

Discuss Moving Your Piano

To make sure your piano gets from one place to another without a hitch, you want to have expert professional piano movers in Los Angeles on your side. Call us here at Town Moving so you can discuss what you need to do with your piano. We can have one of our expert professionals come to you to take measurements, advise you about what the proper approach to moving will be, and discuss your individual needs for your move. We offer flexible pricing options that will take everything into consideration, and we will always provide you with a price quote, so you know what to expect for our services. Contact us by calling (323) 553-4034 to schedule a meeting today or to ask us questions about a piano mover. Always remember that we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and only use professional, experienced movers with the best supplies and equipment to help execute a safe move for you.

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