Fall and Winter Are the Best Times to Move

Best Times to MoveIf you are like most people, then you may tend to be adverse to the idea of moving to a new place. There can be a lot of stress and frustration associated with a move and most people feel better just staying put.

But there is a way to take the stress and time out of moving, and it involves making the significant transition during the fall and winter months. There are many advantages to moving during these cooler months, and a few of them may surprise you.

You Avoid the Busiest Moving Seasons

When you choose to move during the fall and winter, you avoid the popular moving seasons of the year. Think about it: during the summer you have summer vacation family movers who could be moving in right next to you, or if you live in a college town, there are the thousands of college students and young professionals moving into and out of the area that can make moving much more challenging.

When the weather gets cooler, people generally stay inside, which means it’s often a more convenient time to make your move. Take advantage of the slow season and schedule your move on your schedule and without the hassle of trying to move during the busy months.

Less Sweating

Speaking of cooler temperatures, wouldn’t you feel better hauling all of that heavy furniture around when you have a little breeze in the air? Many people opt to move during the summer months since it is hotter, but then they are left sweating and miserable. Take advantage of the more temperate season and have a refreshing and relaxing move. Plus, hot weather tends to make people irritable, and you want a feeling of happiness and teamwork during your big move.

Winter Break Is Good Timing for Kids

If you have children, moving during the winter months can allow you to time your move around their winter or holiday break. This means that you can get everything packed and transferred to your new home while school isn’t in session, making the transition to a new school more seamless. Plus, if you have college-aged children, they will be home and can help you pack and unpack to make moving simpler.

You Could Save Some Money in the Process

Less hassle aside, moving during the winter months might also help you financially, as well. In general, rent rates tend to be lower in the winter months, and there is also less competition for the apartments and homes available. Property owners are often eager to get empty units rented at this time of year, which means that you may be able to negotiate a lease for less or with more agreeable terms. Less money spent and less stress moving? Sounds like a good deal!

Make the Move a Breeze with Town Moving

If you have come around to the idea of moving during these upcoming winter months, then let us help. At Town Moving, our residential moving services can help you throughout the entire process. Whether you need help packing and unpacking, moving large items or just getting everything loaded and unloaded, our professional and friendly movers can make moving a breeze. Don’t take it all on yourself – get a quote online today or call us at (323)600-5786 to learn more.

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