Heavy or Large Items? Hoisting Might Be an Option

Lifting Heavy ItemsMoving can be a long and physically exhausting process, especially when moving bigger items such as couches, cherished bookshelves or tables. When it comes to things like these, sometimes hoisting them is the only way to move them. You can try to do it yourself, or you can hire a professional moving team to come in and get these items to your new home for you.

Professional movers will first start by clearing out the area the item is located in to avoid breaking anything. They will then go through and wrap the item with shrink wrap or, for larger padded furniture, they will use furniture pads. The moving process can put a lot of pressure on furniture and even damage it as it moves, so these extra steps help keep your item protected.

From there, the movers will place moving straps around the item and then connect them to hoisting belts that they have on them. These are placed tightly on the straps, helping to not only prevent the item from slipping out of grasp during the move, but from swaying too far outside of control. After that, they will take it to the best spot to move it. Most of the time, this is a balcony that offers the optimal position and easiest access to your new location.

Then, going very slowly, they will hoist the item up, moving it over the balcony and down towards the floor inside the building. Once it’s landed, the movers will help set it up in the new location, removing wraps and belts as part of the full cleanup and delivery process.

Town Moving is a full-service moving company in Los Angeles, California, that will help make your move easy. We understand your belongings are important to you, so we take every effort to ensure they are transported safely and arrive in as good condition as they were when they left your previous residence. For more information on our hoisting services or to learn more about hiring us for your move, call us today at (323) 600-5786.

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