How Do I Move My Piano?

So, you have a piano that needs to be moved from your current resident to your new one. If you’re moving through the streets of Los Angeles you might be tempted to rent a UHAUL and get that baby(grand) moved yourself. More power to you! But, wait, have you considered all that involved in moving a piano? It’s not just slapping it on a wheeled dolly and into the back of a box truck. There are plenty of reasons why you would be safer to pay a company to move it for you. If you’re thinking it’s an unnecessary expense, think of how costly it would be to replace your piano if you dropped or crashed it while attempting to get it moved?

piano movers in Los Angeles

If you are wondering what you could get wrong while moving a piano yourself, there are a few major things that could be overlooked. One of these is forgetting about the scale. You may be thinking about musical scales here, but this is more about the sheer weight of the instrument you are moving. If you have an idea of how much your piano weighs (Grand Pianos can weight as much as 1,200 pounds!). A piano can weight anywhere from 300 to 500 lbs with larger models like the hefty grand piano. It’s best to understand how much you piano weight you take on the exhausting task of attempting to move it yourself. Moving companies that are experience and equipped in transporting pianos will have a much better idea of how much yours weighs and the best way to get its transported.

Another thing to consider when moving your piano is how many people it will take to move. This isn’t your living room couch which you can roll, push and sweatily heave only a rolling dolly. A piano at the least needs 3 grown people to move. Once it’s moved, if you’ve forgotten to strap it down you many be in for a wild and disastrous ride. When you are looking for specialized piano movers in Los Angeles, you need people with the right equipment. You will need a dolly that large enough, strong enough and correctly padded so that it supports your piano without causing it damage. You most certainly paid a lot of money for the piano you have and even if it was a hand me down, it probably worth a few dollars. Getting yourself in a needless situation of smashed piano will only cause upset.

A this point, you might be consider your piano’s casters as a reliable source of transport. You caster’s are not meant for traveling long journeys. Across the room is fine but through your home, down a street and into a truck might be too much for them to handle. It could even result in scratches in your floor and other damage that you don’t want to create. If you want to move your piano safely you should consider a moving company like Town Moving. To learn more about our services request a quote today online or call (323) 600-5786.

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