How to prepare for an Office Move?

One of the biggest challenges with packing your office whether it’s a smaller space or large involves figuring out what can be packed first and which can be saved until later. Town Moving office movers Los Angeles have put together some tips for those of you who don’t wish to be overwhelmed during your office move:

Start with Decorative Pieces

Your decorative items such as posters, painting, holiday decorations, and other nonessential decorative items can be taken down and put away first. They may make your office more pleasant to work in but may be a bother to pack if you wait to do it last.

Boxing Up Your Books

There’s a good chance that the books that are in your office aren’t used too often. If you have shelves full of books you should pack them up except for books that you use daily.  You can them take apart and back any shelves that aren’t being used.

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Organizing the Files

If you have filing cabinets that serve for your company’s record keeping you can purchase filing boxes that will make it easy and safe to transport those files. Be sure to label each filing box as you empty the cabinets. Having a good record of where each file is in your boxes will make it much easier to put them back into your cabinets when you are setting up in your new location.

Packing Your Desk

Your desk will likely be one of the last things that get packed. Early on in the process, you should take time to clean your desk out so that when it needs to be packed you won’t spend hours cleaning. Leave just your essentials in your desk until you must move.

Computers and Technology

When you are preparing to move your technology you should consider what gets used on a daily basis and what does not. If you have any tech items that have been collecting dust consider donating them or packing them first. From there you should back up the data on all of your computers so that nothing is lost during a move. Then you can carefully wrap and pack each items to ensure that it makes it to its final destination in one piece.

Desks and Chairs

Two of the very last items on your moving list are your chair and desk. If you want, you can dismantle both for easier moving but it may be a pain later on trying to put them together again. If you desk has a glass top or could get damaged on the corners or legs you should wrap these in bubble wrap and tape so that they don’t get hurt in the move. You can also cover the table top to avoid any scratching,


When you are ready to plan you move you can call the team at Town Moving to help you get from your old office to you new space without trouble. Having a moving team help means having professionals who can easily lift big and small items with care and precision. So if you decide to do the moving yourself but still need help, we have labor only services to make things easy for you. Call us today at (323) 553-4034

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