Let Us Help with Your Large Office or Corporate Relocation

Is your company moving to a larger location? Is your workforce expanding? Then you need the services of a trustworthy and dependable moving company. With Town Moving, that is exactly what you get: the assistance of a world-class moving service that will treat your belongings as if they were their own. So how can our commercial moving services help you with your office relocation?

Packing Supplies, Labels and Boxes

Before moving a single box, Town Moving will analyze your situation and determine exactly what will be necessary to make your moving experience a smooth one. Using bubble wrap, packing peanuts and more, we will secure all of your most important files, file cabinets and computers so that everything reaches your destination in the same condition you left it.

Office Movers Los AngelesWe also use a labeling system that helps ensure that your office equipment is put in the new location exactly where you want it. Once all of your office equipment and belongings are in place at the new location, we will remove all of the labels, so that your items remain flawless throughout the process.

One of the biggest shortfalls most companies have when they are planning their big move is finding enough boxes to house all of their precious belongings. Town Moving has great packages available where we provide the boxes and supply them at least five days ahead of your move date. This allows your team some advance prep time to get their desks and files in order before we come it to take everything to your new location.

A Quick and Efficient Process

At Town Moving, we understand the importance of getting your office moved quickly and efficiently. After all, your objective of a company is to gain profits, and you can’t do that without your office.

To aid in a quick move, we get your details ahead of time so we can sync with your schedule. We plan our action out perfectly so your business doesn’t skip a beat. You can move effortlessly to your new location without sacrificing any of your valuable production time. When you get to your new office, your stuff will be waiting for you and your staff.

Best of all, we clean up any debris, garbage or excess packing materials while we work so your new work environment will still look as good as new when you arrive – just with everything moved in exactly where you want it!

At Town Moving, we pride ourselves on providing a stellar moving experience, whether we’re helping with a corporate relocation or aiding in your residential move. Unlike some other moving companies, we treat your belongings with care and consideration, and offer full-service care and attention no matter what kind of move you have. Give us a call at (323) 600-5786 let us help you get moved to your new office location or home today!

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