Moving a Piano? We Can Help!

In your mind, you probably think it is possible for you and some others to move a piano out of your current house and to wherever you’re moving to. However, then you think through the logistics of the move and come to your senses, realizing it’s not a job you really want to attempt – and with good reason. Moving pianos is hard work. They’re delicate musical instruments, and they’re very big and very heavy. Fortunately the team here at Town Moving can professionally move your piano for you so you don’t have to worry about breaking it or accidentally injuring yourself or your moving helpers in the home, the driveway or anywhere along the road.

Piano MoversOur professional piano movers know how to properly stage a piano for a move. This can includes safely removing the piano legs, the lyre and other parts that stick out before navigating the piano through narrow doors or hallways and onto a truck or trailer. We use padding and shrink wrap around the corners to provide additional protection, and thick bedspreads, moving mats and/or professional cloth or foam pads are used to cover the entire piano, protecting it from scratches, chipping or scuff marks.

Before you call us to move a piano, there are a few things that you can do to help make the process as simple and seamless as possible. First, make sure to clear the path between the piano and the outside door. You’ll generally want to choose the widest doorway or doorways whenever possible to minimize any contact with walls or door frames. If there are steps leading from the piano, our movers can use ramps that we bring to help slide the piano up or down the steps.

Once the piano is loaded into the moving truck or trailer, we use ultra-strong moving straps to keep the piano in place while being transported. These straps prevent the piano from sliding or moving on the road, so that if you have to stop short due to traffic or a stray animal, the piano won’t break any legs or smash into your other loaded belongings.

When you arrive at your new home, it’s also a good idea to have in mind where you want to unload the piano at your new home. This allows you to clear the path to that room first or keep it clear as you unload your other belongings, making the process much easier in the final stages of moving.

If you want to move a piano from one place to another, trust Town Moving, your Los Angeles piano movers, to get the job done. Your piano will be well protected during the entire moving process and set up once again in your new home. We also offer flexible pricing that scales depending on the individual factors involved in your move, including dimensions of homes or apartments, presence of stairwells or elevators and other considerations. To learn more or to discuss your situation with our professional movers, call Town Moving at (323) 600-5786 today.

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