Moving Help in Los Angeles for Next Summer

Moving in Los Angeles can be difficult with the amount of traffic and planning that you need to do. It can only get worse in summer when the weather skyrockets leaving you sticky, sweaty and frustrated. So, how do you move during a hot summer stretch? We can provide moving help in Los Angeles for next summer, as well as a few ideas on the best ways to keep you cool-headed and happy during your move.

Get started early

When you plan to move it’s always best to start your packing early but also to start the actual moving early. You won’t want to start moving in the afternoon because the heat skyrockets to its highest temperatures during those times of the day. Early mornings also can mean less traffic depending on what part of the city you are traveling to or from.

Be Conscious of Your Clothing

If you are packing up your vehicle while a moving team is packing large items into a moving truck you should be sure you are wearing the right clothing. You should wear closed toed shoes but can also wear something like shorts or sleeveless shirts to fight the heat. Don’t forget to wear a hat, sunglasses, and SPF! You don’t want to spend the first days in your new home or apartment dealing with sunburnt skin!

moving help in Los Angeles for next summer

Bring Water for Yourself (and Others)

If you are an avid water drinking you’ll be okay in this area but if not, be prepared. Moving boxes especially under the summer sun will make you quite thirsty. Having water on hand can be a real lifesaver!

Turn on Utilities Before Your Move In

If you are going to be moving in on the same day you are moving your belongings you’ll want to use that your utilities on turned on. You can turn on a fan or your AC so that you are entering crisp cool air instead of stiff muggy air.

Be Wary of Heat Sensitive Items

You know your belongings best so be wary of those that won’t last long in a box truck or car. If you have items that need to be refrigerated constantly (like food from your fridge that you don’t wish to throw out)  you should have ice packs or shopping bags. Having the right cooling elements can mean the difference between saving your groceries and having to spend more money to replace them in your home.

Check on Your Moving Team

It’s likely that the moving team you hired is experienced in working in all seasons and conditions. However, it doesn’t hurt to check in on them with refreshments to ensure that they are all doing well in the heat. This can also be helpful if they have any questions regarding your belongings.

Get moving help in Los Angeles from Town Moving

If you are planning to move this summer throughout the Los Angeles area you can depend on Town Moving moving help in Los Angeles to safely transport your belongings to your new pace. Give us a call today to schedule your move (323) 553-4034


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