Moving Out on Your Own? Get Some Tips!

So it is time for you to leave your parents, roommate or friends and move out on your own. How exciting! Living alone offers lots of privacy and comfort in a space that’s completely yours to do with as you please in terms of layout and decoration. But before you make it official, there are a few considerations that must be made. Here are a few tips for the single mover.

Moving AloneComplete a Walkthrough

If you are moving into an apartment or rental home, you need to make sure that you are spending your money in the right place – a place that you will enjoy living in for the long haul. That’s why a walkthrough of your new dwelling is so important. You need to know what you are getting yourself into.

Certain things to look for during your walkthrough include making sure that the plumbing works properly, checking out the parking availability, searching for the location of the washer/dryer, listening for potentially noisy neighbors, and ensuring that the apartment is really what you want. The more due diligence you do, the more comfortable you will be.

Don’t forget to complete a thorough walkthrough with the landlord, as well, and be sure to note any damages when you move in so that there are no disputes when it comes time to get your security deposit back.

Make Sure You Have Saved Enough to Pay the Bills

If you are moving out on your own, it is important to be financially ready. Sure, you know how much your rent will be and you’ve saved enough to get you through a few months, but don’t forget about those pesky utility bills.

It is important to budget for all of the bills that you may have forgotten about. There are electric bills, gas bills, cable bills, phone bills, water bills – you get the picture. Don’t forget about food, either, both for nights out and to restock the stuff inside the fridge. These bills can really add up, so it is essential that you have planned ahead to keep your budget in order.

Get to Know the Neighbors

While you may be moving out for some much-needed privacy, there is always one group of people you should get to know: your neighbors. You don’t have to become best friends with them, but knowing and being cordial to your neighbors can have amazing benefits.

Not only will knowing the neighbors help you to feel more at home, but they can also be there to keep an eye on your place when you are away or report any suspicious activity they may witness. It can also be good to make these new friends as they’re the closest people to your new home, and could be a great source of help if you need a hand carrying a heavy item, need someone to sign for a package or lock yourself out of your apartment.

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