Moving this Summer? Get Tips to Beat the Heat

Moving in the SummerAre you planning on moving this summer? Moving can be stressful at any time of year, but summer moves also add the challenge of dealing with hot and humid weather. Consider these tips from to help you beat the heat during your summer move.

Plan Your Moving Date Strategically

It is traditional to move around the first of a month, but planning a move closer to the middle of the month has advantages. Since everyone else is moving around the beginning or end of the month, moving in the middle of the month may make it easier to book a moving company. It can also make it less likely that hallways, stairs and elevators in buildings will be crowded with others who are moving at the same time.

Consider the Heat When You Pack

Preparation can make a big difference in the success or frustration of any move. The first step in actually moving is packing all of your belongings, of course. Remember as you are packing that items that store well in an air conditioned home may not survive the summer heat inside of a moving truck. Some belongings, such as nonperishable foods like chocolate, candles and CDs or DVDs, can be damaged or destroyed if left out in the heat. In addition, some bottled products may not handle the heat well and may expand in volume, resulting in a mess when they leak. Keep these items together to off load first, or consider transporting them in your own vehicle, if possible.

Dress for the Weather

While you may not want to dress like you are headed to the beach, wearing cool and comfortable clothing can keep you more comfortable while unpacking. Heavy or dark-colored clothing will absorb sunlight and heat, making you hotter and more uncomfortable. Don’t forget to use sunscreen if you will be outside or in and out of the house a lot on moving day. Dealing with a painful sunburn is no way to celebrate moving into a new home.

Take Advantage of the AC

You may need to be in and out of your home and truck all day while moving, but using air conditioning while in the home or vehicle helps to cool you down again. These breaks from the heat can help you avoid becoming too hot during your summer move, and if used in your new apartment, will ensure that your long day is rewarded with a cool and comfortable home at the end of the unload.

Drink Plenty of Water

It is easy to become dehydrated during a summer workout – and moving definitely qualifies as a workout. Keep a water bottle handy throughout your move so that you can grab a sip between boxes to stay refreshed during the day. Plus, reusing the same bottle makes it easy to track how much you are drinking so you can make sure that you’re staying hydrated.

Summer moves can be a hot and frustrating experience, but these tips should help to make your move easier and less stressful. The experienced moving professionals at Town Moving can also make your summer move easier. Why do all the work yourself, especially in the steamy heat of summer? Call Town Moving today at 800-4-TOWN-64 to get a quote for moving your home or business.

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