Moving With Pets: Tips for a Smooth Move

Moving With PetsMoving can be quite an adjustment for anyone, especially for our four-legged friends. If you’ve got a cat, dog or other pet to take with you to your new home, follow these tips to make the moving process easier and less stressful.

Make Sure They Have ID

Before you move, be sure your dog or cat has been fitted with a collar and an ID tag with your updated information on it. Accidents can happen with everything going on during your move, like a door left open or a pet carrier breaking and allowing your pet to get out and run off. By making sure their information is up to date, if another person finds your furry friend, they can make sure they get home safely.

You may also want to consider having your pet microchipped as this offers an option that can’t be tampered with or lost, notes American Humane Association. Veterinary offices and animal shelters will generally check an animal for the presence of a microchip if a pet is picked up or dropped off at one of their facilities so having a chip can help reunite you with your friend sooner.

Stick to the Routine

Leading up to the move, your daily routine can start to change as there is a lot that needs to be done – packing, preparing and everything else that goes along with a move. However, be sure that you don’t change your pet’s routine in the process. If they are used to being fed, played with or exercising around certain times, be mindful of that and try not to change it too much. Keeping their day-to-day experience the same will help them stay calm and comfortable even during a hectic and stressful period.

Keep Them Secure

When you finally have everything packed and are off to your new home, make sure your pet is a secure and riding in a ventilated carrier. Putting your pet in a carrier keeps them safe during the drive, as they are secured inside a crate that won’t slide into other items or crushed by moving boxes. Plus, keeping them contained reduces the chance that they can escape in the open car or pose a distraction to you on the road.

Make It Feel Like Home

Now even if you do all of this, keep in mind that just like us humans, pets need time to adjust to a new place. You can help accelerate the adjustment process by using your pet’s bedding, toys and even favorite bowl as soon as you get to your new home. This helps give them familiar items to identify that the place is safe, and helps to spread their own scent into the new home. By doing this and even trying to put them in the same sort of location they were in your previous residence, your pet will be able to settle in easier and become more comfortable faster.

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