Nervous About the Big Move? Calm Your Uneasiness with These Tips

Moving is stressful under the best of circumstances. Between finding a new place, dealing with utility changeovers, updating your address with dozens of people and businesses, packing, moving, unpacking and perhaps changing jobs at the same time, there’s plenty to think about and you’re sure to have some stressful moments. Are you nervous about the big move? Here are a few ideas that can help you keep your calm and make you more at ease with the whole process.

Moving StressFirst, it helps to realize that moving is difficult and can be an emotional experience. This can be compounded by the fact that people often have second thoughts about a move, whether before or just after the move. Settling in at a new house takes some time, too, and thinking about this and realizing that it’s a normal and natural experience can be useful and can help to calm some of your uneasiness.

You also don’t want to rush yourself too much, and you should allow yourself the time you need to unpack and get organized. As tempting as it may be to try unpacking and putting everything away in one day, giving yourself some time can ease a lot of stress and allow you to take a relaxed approach to setting up your new home just the way you want. Tackling one project at a time can provide a feeling of control as you are able to see steady progress and watch your vision of how your new home or apartment should look become a reality.

Sometimes asking for help from a few trusted relatives or friends can make all the difference. This is equally true whether it is for help with some heavy items or another perspective on design and decoration. While too much help can be overwhelming – too many cooks spoil the broth, as the saying goes – the right amount of help can make your move easier and even enjoyable.

Realize that everything will not be perfect – at least at first. Expecting everything to be perfect right after a move will increase discontentment and frustration. Allow yourself time to adjust to a new home and to slowly arrange things just the way you want.

Moving may be a lot of hassle, but with some planning, the right help, and remembering to take your time with the adjustment you can reduce the stress and uneasiness that accompanies a big move. Town Moving can help alleviate some of your stress, with our comprehensive packing and moving services that can get you across town or across the state with ease. To learn how we can help make your move easier or to request a quote for your planned move, call us today at (323) 600-5786.

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