Office Moving Floors? Moving Within a Plaza? Let Us Help

Moving an office around can cause a great deal of confusion and can be very exhausting, even if your move is just to another floor in your building or a different part of a shopping plaza. Town Moving can help make the move much easier and quicker with our labor-only services.

Office Moving ServicesNow many people might not think to hire a moving service if they aren’t moving physical locations, but Town Moving can help make your relocation a breeze. Our movers will show up the day of your move with the proper equipment, tools and packaging materials to make moving your office, store location or home to your new destination. We can help move your belongings on site, placing it where it needs to go and even unpack it for you to easily rearrange to your liking.

We also handle moving boxes, office furniture and much more with our labor-only services. We can also move large and unwieldy items, either as a single piece or by disassembling and reassembling the item, depending on the size. Town Moving can also move any refrigerators, store fixtures or other large items that need to be moved as well.

Another part of our labor-only services is putting together any new furniture you may need assembled in your new space. There’s no need to worry about having your own team put it together and spend too much time assembling it. Trust our professionals instead and have your new space set up in no time.

If you need to move from one space to another at the same location, let the team at Town Moving help make it a breeze. In addition to labor-only services, we offer moving services for homes and business throughout the Los Angeles area and even across the state, helping to make your move and easy one. If you would like more information on our services, feel free to call us today at (323)600-5786.

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