Tight Stairwell? No Elevator? No Problem!

Hoisting Services Obstacles such as small hallways and tight stairwells can really be a serious obstacle when moving furniture. This can make the process your move very frustrating as well. When in this scenario, you could try and keep moving the furniture, but you run the risk of damaging it or the place you’re moving into or out of. Instead of fighting to get large items through these narrow passageways, let the professionals at Town Moving help.

To help move these large objects, we offer hoisting services which will help get items into or out of the home, office or apartment. When hired, we will first come out and wrap whatever it is you need moved in shrink wrap and other protective furniture padding. This will prevent it from damaging any walls during the move, as well as prevent any damage to the piece itself.

From there we will go through and figure out the best way to hoist the object into and out of the building. We will make sure nothing is in danger of being damaged during the move, and will work to perform the lift as quickly and easily as possible to minimize the inconvenience to others.

Next we add moving straps on the furniture in locations that will provide the greatest control and stability while performing the move. Last, with the furniture is wrapped in the straps, our movers will hoist your large furniture to get it where it needs to be and finish unwrapping and setting it up in your new space.

The next time you run into a situation where your furniture needs to be hoisted, let Town Moving help with our trained and experience moving professionals. For more information, call us today at (323)600-5786.

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